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Melita Tessy

Chennai’s Melita Tessy had the idea of a sci-fi novel when she was just 15-year-old. And within a period of 2 years, she took Battle of the Spheres from the ideation phase to the shelves. No mean task this, but she seems to have pulled it off beautifully.


The book follows the life of Jacelyn, a human who disappears into the core of the Earth. There she finds a civilization of ‘crumans’ plotting to take revenge on humans for their wanton destruction of the planet. And now that Jacelyn has fallen into their laps, they plan to use her as a bait? The story picks up when Jacelyn meets Reffin, a cruman boy and the Mantlanian Princess, and they band together to save the earth from a destructive war.

The story is full of plot twists that’ll have readers on the edge of their seats and comes with the important and intelligently posed question of the price the human race will have to pay for their actions towards Mother Nature.

The simple act of becoming a published author at 15 has taken Melita Tessy from a regular teenager to a girl we all look up to. For where most of us only dream of writing a book (to endlessly postpone the task because something more important came up), this kid has managed to do that at such a young age. Bravo!

Angad Daryani

A student of Electrical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, 19 years old Angad is the maker of India's first 3D printer. He had built his first robot at the age of eight and has also created a “virtual brailler,” an eBook reader for the blind that converts text to Braille. He is the founder of Sharkits, SharkBot 3D systems and open sources all his designs to help other interested makers learn and develop new things. 

Tenith Adithyaa

Tenith Adithyaa 11th grade student stays up to 3AM on most nights tinkering in his lab. He already has 17 inventions under his name including an Adjustable Electricity Extension Board & a Banana Leaf Preservation Technology.

Ayush Gupta

Ayush Gupta (born on July 18, 1993) of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, created each consonants and vowels by folding a single sheet of paper, taking 4 minutes on an average to make each Urdu alphabet (Arabic). His efforts shows the unity of Hindu – Muslims in our nation.

Kishan Shrikanth

The youngest director of a professionally made feature length film is Kishan Shrikanth (born 6 January 1996), who directed C/o Footpath (India, 2006), about an orphaned boy who wants to go to school, when he was 9 years old.The film is adapted from a short story he wrote himself, and the cast includes prominent Indian actors Jackie Shroff, Saurabh Shukla, and Thaara. Kishan himself plays the lead. Kishan Shrikanth (born 6 January 1996), professionally known as Kishan or Master Kishan, is a Kannada-language actor from India. As of January 2006, having acted in 24 films and a popular Indian soap opera.