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CBSE schools to have 1 hour of Physical Education everyday

Deepika Kurup

Deepika is a young scientist who is passionate about helping people gain access to clean water, and increasing global awareness of the water crisis. She believes that water, the most essential element for life, is becoming increasingly scarce. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 780 million people lack access to clean drinking water, and this problem is getting worse. Deepika became aware of the world water crisis when visiting rural India and witnessing the plight of people without access to clean water. UNICEF estimates three thousand children worldwide die every day from drinking unclean water. Deepika has developed a solar-powered water purification system which destroys harmful bacteria and degrades organics. She has been conducting research in water purification for three years, and in 2012 Deepika received the “America’s Top Young Scientist” award from Discovery Education and 3M. She has also applied for two patents on her invention and its uses. Deepika is particularly enthusiastic about collaboration, and she has written in the Huffington Post about how collaboration can further innovation.Currently, Deepika is educating others about the importance of waste water remediation. She has presented at schools around the USA and abroad, has attended conferences, was an invited guest at the 2013 White House Science Fair, and has given media interviews.In her words, “I hope to collaborate, share, and work with others who have similar interests and move towards the same goal of clean drinking water for all.”

Mac Millar

He is just 10 years old, loves to play football and dreams of giving an opportunity to play football, to all the global children, who cannot afford to play football, due to poverty or strife in their regions.His name is Mac Millar, a Queenslander from Australia. He came up with an idea to send footballs to poor children around the world. He learned that Afghan children were among the most disadvantaged children in the world and he decided to send his first consignment of footballs to Afghanistan.Mac set about implementing his plan to raise money to buy soccer balls and send them to Afghanistan. He started writing letters, established a special web-site,using social media, and speaking at Rotary Clubs and other places that attracted a lot of interest among people and the media too showed its interest and Mac’s project – “Football. Play it Forward” gained wide support. He received the United Nations Association of Australia, Queensland Community Award for his project.