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CBSE schools to have 1 hour of Physical Education everyday


14 Year old Tejaswini from odisa invents a cycle which can ran upto 60 Km without any fuel.The Cycle doesn`t even need paddling because Tejaswini invented this cycle in such a way that it only runs on air pressure.Her invention has captured eyes of the scientists who are looking for a solution to fight air pollution in the world .

Arushi Bhatnagar

Arushi Bhatnagar 8 years old Child has made more than 3000 paintings and started doing this magic at a very young age of 4 months and set a New Guinness World Record of Youngest Professional Artist by making her first solo exhibition at the age of 11 months.

Carlos Pérez Naval

The World Record of youngest wild-life photographer has been achieved by Master Carlos Pérez Naval (9 years) from Spain.Carlos gives many hours with unmatched efforts to have precise  accurate photographs of wild life.His photography has also been recognized by National History Museum.

Pratyush Sharma
Atomic Energy Central School

Pratyush Sharma,a Std.VI student of Atomic Energy Central School 4,Anushaktinagar,Mumbai,secured the first rank in the International Science Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF).He will be felicitated in Delhi on the 31st of May,2016,where he will be awarded a cash prize of INR 50,000.

Akrit Jaswal

A young girl in India badly burned as a toddler, her fingers had fused together and curled into a knotted ball. Her shepherd family could not afford surgery, but they had heard of a remarkable young boy being called the child surgeon. Akrit Jaswal was only seven years old when he operated, successfully, on the eight year old girl to release her fingers.