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Familiar ways for new technologies

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According to 86th Constitutional amendment making education a fundamental right was passed by Parliament in 2002. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, a law to enable the implementation of the fundamental right, was passed by Parliament. Right to Education Act indicates, the two major challenges are of providing quality infrastructure and trained teachers. While the former perhaps a function of budget allocations and proper implementationthe second is amassivechallenge as almost all research indicates that the capability of most in-service teachers is par.The term new education technologies means teaching aids and learning resources though well-intentioned has been random at best, and uneven at worst resulting in dissipate of precious resources.There is an unreasonable belief that the mere implantation ofinformation communications technologyand new- fangled devices such as the much touted Aakash tablet will instantly improve the quality of teaching and lear