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March 31 deadline to convert all schools in Patiala, into smart ones

History of Montessori

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"It plays a vital rolegrowth in internet, mobile and technologies in the past decade has touched every aspect of human life including learning and education.Computers are becoming increasingly essential as educational tools and technologies are becoming more portable and cost-effective. Many pre-school teachers are clicking through videos and interactive games and college students are submitting their assignments online, by 2020, even in India, I expect that students of engineering and MBA students will be learning through a combination of virtual, digital and classroom. Latest trends in the eLearning sector: Encouraging students to use tablets and can have easy access to their e-textbooks. Open Educational Resource is content developed and offered freely for the purpose of teaching and learning.OER's include education course content and materials, digitised textbooks, streaming videos, software etc.and it is used to support and convey knowledge. Social