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Everything is my mother

Blogger name : Manjunath prabhakaran
" My mother is 'MY EVERYTHING’. She is there for me in all my life. When I was created inside her womb, she started caring for me The Confidence,Education,prosper,Respect i geteverything is because of her.In every single moment, she supports me in all the ways.The way she knows me, the language only she understands, and the times she stands with for me, my mom is PERFECT! My family member’s opposedme when I had to decide about my Education. But my mother supports me to choose what I love. I got the best Education that I am proud.On the other hand, being a mother myself giveshappiness.Life is become full of interesting and exciting one just because of my little angel.To Sleep, She needs my lullaby. To eat, she needs me to feed.She sleeps on me,literally on my heart. She is my little bundle of joy. Because of her only, I can able to experience this motherly love.I feelspecial because my little princess needs me for her 'Everything "