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Ratna Deshpande
(Jnana Sweekar Public School)

"Expert Comments"

It is often said, "One who dares to teach must never cease to learn". The field of education has been very close to my heart since it is one of the main tools which transform a person to live a better life and more importantly contribute for the betterment of the society. I have learnt not only from my seniors and colleagues, but also from my students and parents, through continuous interactions. Education is not just teaching and learning lessons. It has to be concerned about building human values along with knowledge. It shapes individuals in their formative years and imbues them with values that would govern all their choices in life. I believe that with a little hard work, some attention from parents, guidance and a pat on the back from teachers makes the process of learning easier, acceptable and more enjoyable for the children.

Jaya Shastry
(Alpine Public School)

"Expert Comments"

Challenge and Discovery are two exceptional traits that every Alpinian learns to grow with. In our students are encouraged to try again and again, to become self advocates in a background that is conducive to learning and attain success. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources and opportunities available to them. They need to clarify their doubts by the Teachers who are more than willing to spend an extra hour such that the child understands the concept. Hard work, dedication, commitment – the core values imbibed by the students from the Alpine staff has helped them achieve this commendable grades and marks. This truly states that without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning. I am sure such exposure would not only bring in great satisfaction but acts as an incentive to perform better.

Rajesh Pillai
(National Public School, Chikkabanavara)

"Expert Comments"

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and children are the medium through which the change can happen" A positive change or in other words if we want a better tomorrow we must inculcate values in our young minds. Education without values is like a flower without fragrance. Teachers and parents are the role models and play an important role in shaping the personalities of young learners. A child is a precious gift and nurturing it with love and care is a sacred responsibility. We need to belief in the innate resilience of every human being and with the metaphor that all of us who work with youth are gardeners where young children are like flowers in our care. We at NPS Chikkabanavara believe that when a child social and emotional needs are met, he or she can participate fully in the wide range of learning opportunities here at school. All children deserve regardless of their life experiences positive and enriching school experience…..…We work to make that possible. I call upon all our teachers and parents to join hands and believe in the strength based perspective. Let us make a difference to young people by being a change catalyst.

Mrs. Shanti Menon
(The Deens Academy, Bangalore)

"Expert Comments"

The Indian Education System has its merits and these have ensured that India is on the global educational map. There is a definite overlap between senior secondary learning outcomes and that of higher technical education. This is enabling agencies in the name of coaching classes to make hay with the promise of getting students ready for each level! Children have diverse interests and today there is an avenue for them to pursue it as their career. But the School system until grade 10 makes it compulsory for students to pursue subjects that may not be of their interest/ ability – to a depth that is more than basic knowledge. The Child should instead from grade 6 level begin veering towards the subjects of his choice. These subjects, which may even be of a vocational nature, should carry credits that will count for admissions to higher education.

Dr. Neera Sharma
(DAV Public School, Amritsar)

"Expert Comments"

The technology has revolutionized the field of education. Teaching has become more visual than verbal. A stimulating schedule of versatility and vibrancy is followed which includes creative essay writing, elocution, quiz, dance, drama, street plays, music and singing competitions, fine arts competitions, theme based morning assembly, art and craft exhibition. A system of seen paper and open book paper has also been developed for in-depth preparation. In our school we provide a palatial, secure and environment friendly edifice with seven computer labs, camera systems for vigilance, intercom connectivity, well equipped science labs, fully computerized administration block, eBeam interactive device, a well stocked three-story computerized library, robotics and dynamics, multimedia hall with LCD projectors, gymnasium, a well equipped auditorium, publication room, activity and creativity rooms and a vast playground. The school organizes teacher training programmes at a regular basis to keep the staff abreast with the latest. Our school has compulsory one hour morning activity for students where they practice a sport of their choice. Our school encourages participation in district, state, national and international tournaments. We provide coaching for a wide range of sports.

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