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Study revealed, cellphone breaks are not good for the brain

Vimala Ramachandran
(The National University For Educational Planning and Aministration)

"Expert Comments"

Most teachers and administrators did not agree that children are not learning. But almost all of them said they sent their own children to private schools because they believed that their children would get “better” education there. They had little faith in government schools and the reasons they cited ranged from English medium to excessive non-teaching duties of government school teachers. If we look at government and private schools separately, the fall in learning levels appears to come mostly from government schools. Parents are shifting their children from government to private schools because, according to their perception, the latter provide better learning outcomes. However, comparing outcomes in government schools and private schools is like comparing apples with roses. Along with ‘school’ factor, there are a host of other factors like parental educational levels, number of siblings, tuition that play a vital role in determining outcomes. Jumping to conclusions without taking into account all the relevant factors will amount to distortion of reality.

Mr. Murali Mukund
(Jubilee Hills Education Society)

"Expert Comments"

The first thing is that most of the schools emphasize only on academic infrastructure and happily forget about the extracurricular activity part with little or no space for sports and outdoor activity. Next are the teachers who are the pillars of quality education. Curriculum too is very important. Most of the schools emphasize only on examinations without the actual teaching. According to me, the primary section should be more of teaching and less of exams with priority given to language building through English and logic building through mathematics.The use of technology should be limited in the classroom; otherwise it will affect the reading and learning of the student. The creativity of the child should be retained. Learning through entertainment is through iPads and later when the students are exposed to strict learning, they would not be able to take it.

K.Lakshmi Rao
(Jain Group of Institutions)

"Expert Comments"

If we ‘Walk our Talk’ as elders, children will also learn certain moral values. I strongly believe that values are caught not taught.” Though the rules say that no student should be punished for missing the classes or coming late, still the punctuality and regularity can be insisted upon by setting standard rules in the schools by involving the student council members who are the representatives of the students. Students need not to be punished, but their behaviour can be regulated by various methods or instilling self discipline by empowering them. children are certainly becoming arrogant because of the depletion of the value system in the society ; but, I feel that schools as well as parents are to be blamed for this, for the students imitate the elders. If we ‘Walk our Talk’ as elders, children will also learn certain moral values. I strongly believe that values are caught not taught.In this knowledge era, no student attends the school to acquire knowledge as he/she can browse through the Internet and get information. Therefore, schools must focus on 21st century skills like problem solving skills and analytical skills through their pedagogy so that the students can be engaged productively. Once it is achieved, the behaviour will be regulated.

Dr. Mrs. B Gayethri Devi
(Little Flower Public School)

"Expert Comments"

I have a passion for teaching. I believe in bringing in a new world of information and knowledge that helps in infusing a new energy into the school’s vision and objectives by changing dependent minds into proactive minds in a relaxed atmosphere. I believe that today’s youth can explore, experience and evolve and that they will accept facts when they get convinced only and not when bossed over. A child should feel very comfortable to come to school. The infrastructure and atmosphere should be child – friendly that should enable the child to learn in all dimensions be it curricular or co-curricular and sports. A school should support the learning of the child. So, what is education for us today? Education is seeing that in any circumstances across the World, a child should be able to safeguard him or herself, and not yield to temptation or group behaviour or peer pressure. If a child has acquired the ability to use his or her common sense and presence of mind then for me their education is complete and perfect.

Mr. Vasi Reddy Amarnath
(Slate- The School)

"Expert Comments"

On “No fun trips for school children”. School excursions are a learning experience – visiting different places - geographical and historical, will be a unique experience in the life of a student. The educational tours for school students are an opportunity for them to get organized and to learn discipline, too. They get to spend some quality time with their school friends and that will be a memorable moment for them to reminisce about, later in life. So, having restrictions on these once in a year fun tours for students, do not bode well for the all round development and growth of school children. On “Schools must ensure that the district magistrate or other authorities should be informed’ about school tours for permission and intimations”. If that has to be done then the government authorities and the magistrates office should be made very efficient and made sure that they take immediate action on the permissions and other responsibilities that falls under their purview otherwise the whole process of organizing the tours will be lost due to the delays that often happens when we deal with authorities.

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