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CBSE schools to have 1 hour of Physical Education everyday

Ms. Meghana
(Fountainhead The Global School)

"Expert Comments"

School excursions and tours have to be relevant to the students’ curriculum. For small children explaining about animals will be beneficial if they are taken to a Zoo and shown all the animals in the real world, to get a first hand feel seeing the animals live. Science fairs for science related topics, historical places for history classes and geographical locales for geography learning are very much needed for school students. So a study trip is a great field learning experience for them. When the students are on field trips they learn to question, they learn to observe, discuss and they show more enthusiasm to learn and understand. If we deny them this once or twice in a year opportunity then it would be a is service to the development and growth of the students. Field trips have a great impact on the psyche of children; they remember what all they learn on their field trips for a long time to come.

Archana Shrivastava
(Chrysalis High)

"Expert Comments"

My love for children and a passion for teaching made me choose, teaching as profession. A teacher needs to go beyond her role of just a knowledge deliverer. She needs to be a friend,a mentor and a guide and treat her students as her own children.There is no better,fulfilling and nobler profession than teaching! Even though it is thankless one,at the end of the day, you need to remind yourself that you are moulding and building a future. A teacher can influence a child to no end. And if she can motivate and encourage an average or below average child, the child can do wonders! She needs to only make the child believe in himself/herself that he/she, can. I think that more of teacher training institutes need to come up, to equip the teachers with the new and creative teaching pedagogy and soft skills, to handle students and situations they will face in this profession.

Mrs. Manila Carvalho
(Delhi Public School)

"Expert Comments"

I have innate passion for teaching. I have been in the field of education for over two decades. Presently, as the Principal at DPS Bangalore.
Besides my love for education, I have committed towards teaching children with learning challenges. My experience as an educator has been worth all the time and effort spent on it. I find it very satisfying to see the children blossoming into young adults, not only brimming with confidence but with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. I am thankful to God for enabling me to choose this profession which involves imparting one’s knowledge and ideas to others. However, since the role of educators is not a cake walk in a class-room situation, thorough preparation for a day’s class is a must. Patience and commitment towards your students must definitely be a priority.

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