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Crescent School in Darya Ganj, Delhi

Tel : 01275-23279041
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Add : Zeenat-UL-Masajid, Ansari Road, Daryaganj

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Develop in students qualities of initiative, team work, cooperation and self reliance and to build their character based on the values of their religion and culture. Inculcate in the students a scientific, secular, progressive outlook and a sense of pride in their country & its composite culture and traditions. Provide to students adequate knowledge of Urdu language and literature. In order to achieve the objectives, the school strives to provide to the students the best facilities in education through a well qualified and dedicated staff. The school has well equipped science laboratories and a well stacked library with books of general interest and reference books in all subjects. Education is imparted through interactive Smart Boards. Special stress is laid on proficiency in English language. Hindi and Urdu are introduced as second and third language respectively from the pre-primar
Age Group:
Average Fees:
Student Teacher Ratio:
Pick-up and Drop Facility: YES
Air Conditioned Classes:
Type Of School: Senior Secondary
Board Affiliation: CBSE board. (Central Board of Secondary Education)
Outdoor Play Area:
Admission Period:
Method Of Instruction: English Medium
Type Of School: Senior Secondary
Creche Timings:
Creche Facility:
Classes Offered:
Sports Facilities:
Smart Classroom Aids:
Extra Curricular Activities:
Other Information:

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