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Pratham International School in Varthur, Bangalore

Tel : 080-22749149
Mob : 8095000086
Email :
Url :
Add : 49/4, Kotur-mutsandra Main Road, Varthur

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Pratham International School aims at empowerment of children through education which is an essential mode to contribute towards society at large.We believe, education is not only collection of information, but something more meaningful, which facilitates the students to build self confidence, self respect and good character, which is the base for the very well development of child’s future.Children of this era requires an education which is not confined to academics but also to over come the challenges faced in the competitive world. Pratham International School inculcate value based education among children also by inspiring students to explore their own uniqueness.

Age Group: 2 to 12
Average Fees:
Student Teacher Ratio:
Pick-up and Drop Facility: Yes
Air Conditioned Classes: No
Type Of School: Regular
Board Affiliation: ICSE
Outdoor Play Area: Yes
Admission Period:
Method Of Instruction:
Type Of School: Regular
Creche Timings:
Creche Facility:
Classes Offered:
Sports Facilities: Basketball, Football, Cricket, Karate
Smart Classroom Aids: No
Extra Curricular Activities: Swim, karate, dance, music, and art classes
Other Information:
Principal Comments
Mrs. Shubha Joshi-commnets- Pratham International School-education today Mrs. Shubha Joshi
Mrs. Shubha Joshi

At Pratham, children grab out utmost attention and they are our priority. Our vision is to intrinsically motivate every child for lifelong learning. To achieve this, we work with mission to provide fear-free learning environment where every child will thrive. Pratham believes in holistic development of children. To balance with academics, Pratham provides swim, karate, dance, music, and art classes. Our Vision Propogating true education in the world is the noblest work of all. Worldly education is not the real education but education along with cultural ethical values and spirituality is real education.

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