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RiverDale International Residential School in Rawade, Pune

Contact: Preethi Chand
Tel : 0956930241
Mob : 9850826975
Email :
Url :
Add : Village-Rawade,Tal-Mulashi

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Fostering strong academic and moral excellence in students.Establishing a stimulating learning environment by ensuring personal well-being.Diversity that enriches the school and everybody associated with it.Trust and respect as essential prerequisites for healthy relationships.Service to humanity as a source of strength and means for perfection.

Activities: Yes,(Grade School Activities) All ages
Age Group: 1-12 Years
Average Fees: Rs.3,30,000/-
Student Teacher Ratio: 15:2
Pick-up and Drop Facility: Yes
Air Conditioned Classes: N.A
Type Of School: Residential Co-ed School
Board Affiliation: ICSE, ISC
Outdoor Play Area: Yes
Admission Period: December – April
Method Of Instruction: Combination of (Direct instruction, Lecture, Discussion, Discovery Learning)
Type Of School: Residential Co-ed School
Creche Timings: N.A
Creche Facility: N.A
Classes Offered: 1st- 12th Std
Sports Facilities: Yes
Smart Classroom Aids: Yes
Extra Curricular Activities: Quizzing, computers, elocution, painting, music, yoga, Art & Craft.
Other Information: All other information included in the school website
Principal Comments
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I am a firm believer in the great power of human spirit and endeavour.Human beings are capable of great achievements in every field,provided they receive an education that caters to their all round faculties.It is with this conviction that I once again take over the reins of RiverDale School,having served as its Principal earlier too, between 2009 and 2013.My aim and objective are clear to create and sustain such a stimulating and comprehensive educational environment at RiverDale that will help its students develop all their talents and faculties to the fullest extent of their innate potentialities.

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