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Auro Mirra International School in Ulsoor, Bangalore

Contact: Sharmila
Tel : 080-25580888
Mob : 7760977548
Email :
Url :
Add : Gangadhar Chetty Road, No. 110, Ulsoor

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The school offers transformative, integral education to children. It seeks to develop and educate children so that they become integral, whole and the agents of positive transformation in the world. The new aim [of our education] is to help the child to develop his intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, moral, spiritual being. The emotional development of students is made possible because of the non-threatening and friendly atmosphere, wherein a child learns to cultivate self-discipline while being sensitive to the needs of others. A joyous involvement of the child in an atmosphere of freedom and support, brings out the best in him. There is an encouragement on the progress of the child at his or her own pace, without constant comparison or competition.
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