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Results Declared, PG students not yet received their marks card

Bangalore: Despite the University declared the results for MS communication, most of the PG students from the batch of 2014 – 2015 are yet to receive their marks card .Over more than 300 hundred Post Graduate students who studies Mass communication in the college affiliated to Bangalore University has landed in soup, Because of delay in receiving the marks card During the Academic year of 2014-2015, the students who joined to, MS communication were merged with MA Journalism whose marks card were taken back after the first semester but did not get under the name of MA journalism to which students had landed in court for Justice which came in their favour. Many of the students from the lot are suffering from the this blow as they are not able to apply for PhD without the Marks Card while few who have landed themselves a job is not able to join them without their marks card. Apart from First semester till now they haven’t received any of their semester marks card although they graduated in the year 2016-2017 While the authorities portray different scene placing the blame on college authorities for delaying in sending internal assessment to the Bangalore University .One of the authorities from the Bangalore University said to Indian Express that “As it was a choice based credit system, some colleges did not send internal assessment marks while others delayed in sending marks of Practical Exams this delayed the entire process of printing the marks card” To which students have questioned them back as to how they have received their results from the university without them receiving the internal assessment and also have warned the Vice Chancellor of the Bangalore University if they don’t receive the marks card they would protest in front of the university