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Central Board of Secondary Education allow diabetic students to have snacks midterm exam .
Georgia Tech launches OSCMS in India

Bangalore, 7th April, 2016: Bennett University will be the India associate for GeorgiaTech s much acclaimed Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMSCS). Under this association, students undertaking online courses from Georgia Tech will receive on ground support with regards to the OMSCS course. The newly reconstituted CABE — the top body advising the government on education — held its first meeting Wednesday. At the meeting, the Geeta Bukkal sub-committee, set up by CABE to examine the no-detention policy, was tabled. The report bats for the reintroduction of detention in a phased manner. A government statement said there was a “broad consensus” on the issue, with states being “unequivocal” in suggesting the no-detention policy be revoked, and states and CABE members “unanimously” agreeing to do so. This in effect could mean that the scheme of automatic promotion in Classes I-VIII could come to an end.