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A Directorate of Education official said the data collected from students enrolled in Delhi government schools will be as secure or as vulnerable as the Aadhaar itself.
Rs 1 lakh relief to child who failed CBSE Class X over a Delhi school negligence

The Delhi Commission for the Protection of Chid Rights (DCPCR) has ordered the Directorate of Education (DoE) of the Delhi government to expedite disciplinary proceedings against the former principal and two teachers of a government school in the capital for allegedly not sending a student’s Class X marks to the CBSE, causing the board to fail the student. DCPCR also ordered that a compensation of Rs 1 lakh be paid to the student “to enable him to resort to extra-tuition/books/or whatever resources he may require and whatever support he needs to bridge the academic gap that he has been subjected to for no fault of his.” In October 2017, the commission had received a complaint from a student of the Government Boys Senior Secondary School (GBSSS), Qadipur, alleging that he had been declared failed in his Class X examination despite him clearing them, due to the school’s failure to forward his marks to the CBSE. In the complaint, he threatened to commit suicide citing school authorities’ neglect. The student had not appeared for examinations of three subjects but was allowed to appear for re-examination, in which he had passed. Despite this, he failed after his marks were not processed. An inquiry committee found that the student’s class teacher had accidentally marked him absent while uploading students’ marks on the CBSE portal. It also found that the CBSE in-charge of the school and its head were responsible for the lapse. After his marks were corrected and updated by CBSE, his revised result, totalling to a 7.0 grade point average, were handed to the school in November 2017, even as the last date for correcting marks was September 30. Following this, the student was promoted to Class XI. The teachers, however, were transferred from the school following the incident. Director of Education Sanjay Goel said that disciplinary proceedings against the teachers had been initiated, but that he had not received any orders for the payment of a monetary compensation. “What the child had to go through was unfortunate, but we have to examine the question of monetary compensation and how to proceed in the matter. I am not sure if compensation of this manner would be the correct way to go about it,” he said.