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Scottish High International School Ranked by 2021-2022
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Category : International Schools in India

Scottish High International School

Sector 57, Gurugram, Haryana

ET Ranked : Ranked No.2 in Gurugram / Ranked No.2 in Haryana / Ranked No.3 in India

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Sr. no. Parameter Points
1 Academic Reputation 94
2 Digital Learning Advancement 90
3 Individual Attention To Students 86
4 Future-Proof Learning Infrastructure 94
5 Student Advancement & Mentoring 94
6 Leadership in Quality Managment 92
7 Teachers' Advancement & Well-being 86
8 Psychological Well-being of Students 82
9 Holistic Education 84
10 Value For Money 80
11 Co-curricular Education 82
12 Sports Education 83
13 Parental Engagement 89
14 Community Service 89
15 Integrated Learning 88
16 Total Points 1313

About Scottish High International School Ranked "Scottish High International School" Sector 57, Gurugram, Haryana "Ranked No.2 in Gurugram / Ranked No.2 in Haryana / Ranked No.3 in India" under category "International Schools in India".

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